About us

Tennis Québec has been responsable for promoting and developing senior women’s tennis since 2016.

Prior to that, women’s senior tennis used to be under the umbrella of the AFTSQ (Association féminine de tennis sénior du Québec). AFTSQ was composed of volunteers and did great work for our sport since its foundation in the 1960s. We are dedicated to continue in their path.

Women’s senior committee

Caroline Frenette
Quebec representative on the Tennis Canada committee

Brigitte St-Hilaire
Ex-president AFTSQ
Member of the Friendship Cup committee

Suzanne Lefebvre
Director of Tennis sénior Québec

Maggie Jacobs
Tournament director of many provincial and national tournament
Member of the AFTSQ committee for many years

Andréanne Martin 
Head of the women’s senior committee

Madeleine Bérubé
Outaouais representative

Marilou Boivin
Ex-president Tennis féminin Interclub Montréal (TFIM)