Quebecers stand out at the Steve Stevens Senior National Tennis Championships

The 2019 Steve Stevens Senior National Tennis Championships came to a close on Saturday. Taking place at numerous clubs across the Greater Toronto Area from August 18-24, this year’s event was a roaring success with hundreds taking part as favourable weather ensured a staggering 1008 matches were completed in total.

Whilst there were riveting matches throughout the tournament, the Men’s Over 50s final was a particularly enthralling encounter. It featured recently-crowned Over 50s world champion Taras Beyko, from Quebec, and Matthew Akman, from Alberta. Beyko did not drop a single set at the World Championships last week so the task facing Akman was a difficult one to say the least.

Despite that, though, Akman played admirably, winning the first set to ensure the match would, at the very least, go the distance. His penetrating forehands and cross court backhands were proving particularly tough for his opponent to return. However, Beyko soon found some form and, in the second set, started to get the better of Akman. In the end, Beyko earned a 2-6, 6-1, 6-2 victory.

Other Quebecers emerge

Gaëlle Simian won not one but two titles during the tournament. She first took up the challenge in singles in the Over 40s category, before being victorious in doubles with Ariadna Noriega in the Over 35s. 

Gaëlle Simian

Talking about Noriega, she was also impressive in what was her first Senior’s National event. In addition to her victory with Simian, she finished second in the Over 35s. 

As for André Lambert, he competed at a very high level and was crowned singles champion in the Over 55s. It was an even bigger task for him considering that this category was one of the most popular in terms of number of participants. Christian Laurin, from Trois-Rivières, also did well, with a 3rd place. 

André Lambert

Finally, Brahm Robert Faber won the title in singles in the Over 85s. The 87 years old athlete has also did a great job in doubles, finishing second with his partner James Paul Richards, from Ontario.

Brahm Robert Faber

Results (Top 3) :

Over 35s
MenSimon Tremblay-Larouche – 3rdSimon Tremblay-Larouche et Henry Choi (BC) – 1st
WomenAriadna Noriega – 2ndAriadna Noriega et Gaëlle Simian – 1st
Over 40s
MenPhilippe Pourreaux – 2nd
WomenGaëlle Simian – 1st
Over 45s
WomenAndréanne Martin et Jennifer Bishop (ON) – 2nd
Over 50s
MenTaras Beyko – 1stAlexandre Blaettler et Martin Lemay – 2nd
WomenCaroline Frenette – 3rd
Over 55s
MenAndré Lambert – 1st /Christian Laurin – 3rd
WomenDiane Blondeau – 2nd
Over 60s
MenRobert Foy – 3rd
Over 65s
MenSydney Azancot – 3rd
Over 70s
MenAllard Côté – 3rdAllard Côté et Kenneth William Dahl (BC) – 1st
Over 80s
MenGaston Blais – 3rdFrançois Godbout et Robert Paul Bedard (ON) – 2nd
Over 85s
MenBrahm Robert Faber – 1stBrahm Robert Faber et James P. Richards (ON) – 2nd

Click here to consult all the results.

Photo credit : Peter Figura
Source : Tennis Canada/Tennis Québec

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