Quebecers at the women’s eastern Canadian senior indoor national championships

Quebecer Helaine Kliger, winner in singles in the 65 + category, with the finalist, Anne Davis, from Ontario

The women’s eastern Canadian senior national championships were held March 13th to 17th at the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club.

Nine players from Quebec participated in this tournament which brought together 93 players in total. Categories ranged from 35 to 75 and over. Players could participate both in singles and doubles.

Here are some of the results:

Singles Player Place
60 et + Marie-Josée Laporte 3
65 et + Helaine Kliger 1
70 et + Elizabeth Lecavalier 3
Doubles Team Rang
50 et + Nathalie Bordua / Minzhi He 3
50 et + Johanne Lebeau / Jeannette Loakman 3
60 et + Marie-Josée Laporte / Francine Pilon 1
60 et + Helaine Kliger / Linda Dodds 3
70 et + Elizabeth Lecavalier / Gisela Heidemarie Nouisser 3

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