Senior’s profile : Brigitte St-Hilaire

Brigitte St-Hilaire was 10 years old when she started playing tennis in Quebec City.

She is watching tennis on TV when she asks her mother to have a racket. On her first outing to hit against the school wall, she lost her three balls in less than five minutes, but not her motivation. She immediately began taking classes in a school gymnasium with, among others, Martin Lemay and Louis Lamontagne. 

She would then spend all her summers in the park playing tennis. At the age of 14, she started training at Club Avantage in Quebec City, where she is coached by Jacques Bordeleau, Jack Hérisset and Christian Gingras. She belongs to a talented group of players, including Andréanne Martin, Caroline Frenette, Claude Desmeules, Charles Gauthier and Catherine Beauregard.

At 17, she got a two-year sponsorship from Canam Manac, which was quite unusual at the time. She was then ranked 3rd in the Quebec junior ranking, and 6th at the national level.

In 1987, she was granted a full scholarship to join the University of Houston team, in Texas, in Division 1 of the NCAA. She obtained her Bachelor in Business Administration in 1991

She returned to Quebec in 1992 to settle in Montreal. Two years later, she gradually resumed playing tennis in the Montreal parks and decided at the same time to get involved in the Montréal Tennis Administrative Board along with Nicole Nobert.

At 36, she returns to competition at the senior level. She get involved with the Association féminine de Tennis du Québec (AFTSQ), where she became president a few years later. She will hold this position until Tennis Québec becomes responsible for senior women’s tennis. Tennis Québec has now been in charge of it for three years.

She is still involved in the organization of two annual events: the women’s doubles tournament at the Club de tennis Île des Sœurs, in November, and the Friendship Cup (a competition between players from Quebec and New England), during which she assists Pauline Lafrenière. 

She is also involved with Tennis féminin interclub Montréal, being the captain of the Tennis 13 Level 1 team for a second consecutive year. 

Brigitte St-Hilaire’s accomplishments include: 

  • Participation in the Quebec Games in 1981 and 1983 (winner);
  • Winner of the silver medal in doubles at the 1985 Canada Games;
  • U18 Junior Ranking : 3rd in Quebec/6th in Canada
  • Senior Ranking: 
  • 2003 (35+): ranked #1 in doubles – Canadian Championship winner with Caroline Frenette
  • 2007 (40+): ranked #2 in doubles – Canadian Championship finalist with Kirsten Bjorn
  • 2009 (40+): double – Canadian Championship finalist with Andréanne Martin
  • 2012 (45+): ranked #2 in simple – Canadian Championship finalist / ranked #2 in doubles – Canadian Championship winner with Diane Blondeau
  • 2017 (50+): Canadian Championship Doubles winner with Alison Taylor
  • 3 World Championships appearances representing Canada (2007, 2008 and 2012) 

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