Caroline Frenette is the Quebec representative on the national seniors tennis committee. Here are some of the duties of this advisory committee:

  • Answer questions and have an open dialogue between senior members in your respective regions.
  • Discuss and help make senior tennis policy along with Tennis Canada to better liaison the players from your region with Tennis Canada.
  • Provide input on potential seeding to assist with any oversights prior to being published for player perusal.
  • Advise on competitive scheduling issues as it relates to the National Competitive schedule (Steve Stevens Senior Nationals, Indoor Nationals and Canadian ITF events).
  • Provide advice on National Ranking guidelines. (National Team Rankings and Rogers rankings).
  • Provide input to the senior’s selection committee into International team selection and criteria for selection.

Don’t hesitate to contact Caroline as she will be happy to answer your questions.

Email: laura_caroline@hotmail.com

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